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    Elite SLK Server Rules

    1. Number one rule
    We're all here to have fun and enjoy the servers. We expect our players to show a high level of maturity and respect for the Admins and all the other players.
    2. We are a PVE Server
    This is a PVE server, PVP will not be tolerated except for PVP events that may be held by Administrators and they will be closely monitored. Anyone caught shooting at and/or killing another player (except in sanctioned PVP events) or disrupting other players during game play will be reviewed by the administrators and appropriate punishment will be handed out, up to and including permanent ban from the community.
    3. Stealing
    Stealing in any form will not be tolerated. Entering another player's base or vehicles without the express permission of the owner is forbidden. If you walk up on a vehicle and it's unlocked, check the gear and if there are items in the gear assume that it is a player vehicle and walk away, spawned in vehicles will not have any loot in them. If you are unsure of the vehicle and an Admin is on the server, contact them and tell them the location of the vehicle, they will look it over. No looting of another player's body without the player's permission. Any or all of these situations can result in a permanent ban from the community.
    4. Mission Calling
    Missions cannot be claimed by an individual or group in side chat before arrival at the mission location or marked as claimed on the map at any time. Before starting on a mission, inquire in side chat if there is anyone at the mission or “doing “the mission. If someone is already at the mission location you can ask if they need assistance, if they say no, move on to another mission. There are plenty of them. If a player invites you to assist in the mission completion, the mission loot will be shared accordingly. If an argument occurs over the loot and an Admin has to step in to resolve the problem the Admin will confiscate all items involved and neither party will receive any of the loot. If you die, you lost the "claim" you put once you got there. You must re-Claim your mission, if someone hast already. Chances are, if you ask in chat, a player will help you get your body back. Show respect and maturity and resolve these situations without the intervention of an Admin.
    5. Ninja Looting
    No ninja looting. Ninja looting is waiting for another person or group to complete a mission, entering the mission area and removing items from the mission without the permission of the player or group completing the mission. This includes AI bodies, Crates, buildings or Vehicles within the mission boundaries. This includes waiting by a mission for a player to die, so you can clear up the remaining AIs and get easy loot. Again our servers are PVE, be mature, not childish. Any or all of these situations can be cause for permanent banishment.
    6. Use of Armed Vehicles
    Armed wheeled vehicles (Armed Humvees, Vodniks, SUVs, Landrovers and UAZs) are permitted to be used in the completion of Static or Spawned mission or convoys. No armed tracked vehicles (Warriors, m113s, Bradleys or any tank. The wheeled BTR-90 and armed Helicopters with rockets are included in this list) will be used in the attack or destruction of any Static or Spawned mission or convoys. The tracked armed vehicles can be used for secure transportation of the players to and from the mission, protection from town and roving AI (both SUVs and Helicopters) and as overwatch while the players loot the completed mission. Feel free to hunt the town and roving AI (both SUVs and Helicopters) since they respawn at a regular interval. Use of a the 'tracked' vehicles in the attack or destruction of any Static, Spawned mission, convoys or the wanton destruction of buildings on the server, can be cause for loss of the vehicle and a temporary ban or permanent banishment. Collateral damage from crashed helicopters and /or suicide bomber explosions are acceptable.
    7. Hacking or Glitching
    NO hacking, glitching, using of exploits or duping, Cheaters don't go far in life and that includes our servers. Use of any of these items will result in instant and permanent banishment, period!
    8. Side Chat and Foul Language
    No use of voice in side chat, it will kick you, please be careful. No excessive foul language in side chat. If players complain about your use of foul language or the Admin has to ask you to stop, that means calm down, relax and find the appropriate language to use. Excessive abuse of foul language or repeated admonishments from the Admin can result in some form of punishment up to and including temporary or permanent banishment.
    9. Rules for Building
    You must be 500 meters from any Trader or Airfield. You cannot build on a high loot area (building next to a high loot area is okay as long as you don't block the access to the loot area). If you're not sure, ask an Admin, don't just start building, if you violate any of these rules your base will be removed. Plot poles must be visible and accessible. Plot poles that are hidden in rocks or inside of safes will be deleted for maintenance reasons. (A suggestion to secure your plot pole within your base is to build a small room around it with a locking door.) No placing safes without plot poles at any time. Safes found without a plot pole nearby will be deleted. Lock boxes are allowed without a plot pole nearby.
    10. Vehicles
    To keep the servers clean and running well, we are placing a 4 vehicle limit, per base. The Admin will make periodic checks to see if the limit is exceeded. If you exceed the limit, Admin will move any random vehicle to the Admin compound. use the virtual garage!! Do not Park and leave vehicles at or within 100 meters of the traders,they will be transported at the junkyard. There are no exceptions.
    11. Admin/Players Harassment
    Admin and players are not to be harassed, bugged or pestered with constant and /or persistent requests for assistance with building, transportation, missions or any other mundane task in the game. Asking for assistance once is fine, most players on the servers are willing to help, but, if you continuously harass Admin and players to the point that it disrupts game play or Admin functions, you will be warned once. If you persist in your harassment, you will be temporally banned. Once the ban has passed and you continue to disrupt the server you will be permanently banned. Admin are in the servers to help and monitor player activity and to insure the smooth operation of servers. Asking an Admin for assistance with a server problem or infraction of the rules is okay. Asking players for assistance is okay, just remember that they are on the server to have fun, not to cater to other players.
    12. Player Issues
    Because we expect our players to show a high level of maturity and respect, disputes between players (outside of infringements of the rules) should be handled at the lowest level. After all other avenues of diplomacy are exhausted and if the dispute cannot be settled by the players, contact an Admin for resolution. If no Admin are on line, check in Team Speak. If no Admin are in Team Speak, make a post in the forums here at the website, giving full details of the problem.
    13. Arguments with the Admin
    Arguing with the Admin about the rules, in game or in Team Speak, will not be tolerated. The rules are the rules and will be enforced. These rules apply to everyone, Admin, Donators, Elite SLK Members and regular players. No one is special or 'above' the law. The rules are in place to insure the smooth and peaceful operation of the servers. The owner reserves the right to change the rule as he sees fit, to improve the game play for everyone. If you have a question about the rules or a suggestion to make about the rules, please make a post in the support section of the forums. Please make your comments as constructive as possible, rants or whining comments will be ignored or deleted.

    The servers are in a constant state of change because of modifications and improvement the Administration is making to enhance and increase the level of fun and diversity in the game. Please be patient and check the forums to see the new updates. If you run into a problem with one of the modifications while in game, contact an Admin or post in the forum the nature of the problem. The better the description of the problem, the faster the Administrator can resolve the issue. ('It's broke' or 'it doesn't work' are not good descriptions.)
    The server is new, and is improving. The staff reserves the right to modify the rules at anytime to keep peace and fun within the community.