List of *Free* Applications and Utilities

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List of *Free* Applications and Utilities

Postby Jmalone » Sun Sep 30, 2012 12:29 am

I took this list off a forum I used to frequent, hopefully it will be some use to you guys. I am putting 3 asterisks (***) next to programs I have personally use/used in the list. PROGRAM NAMES ARE CLICKABLE AND TAKE YOU TO THEIR SITE. JUST HOVER YOUR MOUSE OVER NAME OF PROGRAMS.

Anti-Virus Clients

Avast! Antivirus Free Anti-virus client for home users
AVG Highly rated free Anti-virus app
Spyware Terminator Despite the name it's actually an AV scanner that also picks up spyware, keyloggers, ect.
Microsoft Security Essentials Microsoft's free, lightweight, and very good AV/Malware scanner. Requires you to pass a Genuine Windows test.

Anti-Spyware Clients

Adaware 2008 Good free spyware scanner, no realtime protection but good detection rate
*** Spybot Search and Destroy Highly rated free Anti-Spyware utility
Super AntiSpyware Another good anti-spyware program
*** Hi-jack This! Advanced tool used to locate and disable hidden spyware processes or registry entries -use caution when using-
Boclean Real time spyware removal tool
*** MalwareBytes Good tool for removing lots of spyware/adware/malware


Comodo Personal Firewall
I like this firewall a lot, it's great for being free, had adjustable
security levels and can "learn" what programs to let through
PC Tools Firewall Plus Free basic software firewall

Alternatives to popular software

Trillian Good all-in-one messenger
Pidgin Used to be GAIM, same purpose as Trillian
Digsby Integrates messaging, social networking sites and e-mail. No IRC functionality.
*** Firefox Widely popular web browser, has ton of extensions and security options that make it more secure than IE
Thunderbird From makers of Firefox, alternative to Outlook
*** VLC Media Player Media Player that will play tons of formats
*** Quicktime Alternative Plays Quicktime files without the bloatware and mem hogging processes
Real Alternative Same as above except for RealMedia files
Filezilla Free ftp client
GIMP Open Source Photoshop alternative, high functionality
Paint.Net Free photo editor with many options
*** Foxit Reader Like Adobe Reader without the obscene load times or bloatware
*** Open Office Open Source version of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, ect and will open files created in MS office
CutePDF Free PDF creator
7-zip Like Winzip


uTorrent One of the best torrent clients
*** Azureus Java based torrent client
Libtorrent Torrent client for Linux
*** PeerGuardian2 A must for torrenting, blocks known IPs for government, RIAA, cheaters, ect.

System Utilities

Bart PE
Creates a bootable disk that allows you access to a command prompt,
registry, ect when unable to boot into Windows, has many other uses
*** CCleaner Good disk and registry cleanup utility
SpeedFan Temperature Monitoring and fan control program
Undelete Plus File Recovery Program
*** CPU-Z Shows info about your processor, voltage, clocks, ect. Good when testing overclocks.
Keepass Store and manage usernames and passwords
*** Memtest86 Utility for testing RAM
Prime95 CPU stress test, universal standard for testing system stability when overclocking
Orthos like Prime95 but better support for multiple-core CPUs
3dMark06 Widely accepted standard for benchmarking video cards
Pc Inspector Another file recovery program
*** Synergy
Share your mouse and keyboard across multiple computers, seamless and
great if you have multiple computers running next to each other
Crossloop Free Remote assist software
Eraser Fully deletes and destroys file data
LookatLAN Network discovery tool
*** Media Player Classic builtin codecs similar to VLC, but in the "good old style" of WMP 6.4 and with a few bonus features
*** GPU-Z does for GPUs what CPU-Z does for processors
*** Orbit/Grab++ download manager, with its component grab++ you can even download streamed songs and flash-vids from youtube &co
***SUPER extremely powerful audio/video converter, has support for special formats (like for consoles or mobile phones)
JDiskReport shows disk usage of folders and files, requires java
FreeCommander one of those countless Norton commander clones (Image), nice alternative for windows explorer
Rivatuner a very good graphics card utility with tons of features
*** Defraggler A very popular defragging program
JDiskReport A handy program for finding where all your hard drive space disappeared to; gives a report of the space consumed by folder.

Misc Utilities

*** Skype Make phone calls from your PC. great for long distance calling
Safari Apple's web browser, works on Windows
Daemon Tools Virtual Drive manager, can mount an ISO instead of wasting CD/DVDs
DVDfab Rips DVDs and copies to your hard drive, and removes protection
Winamp Widely popular music player
CCCP Codec Pack Codec pack that has pretty much everything
Everest Ultimate Shows pretty much everything you'd want to know about your computer hardware
*** Samurize lets you build individual desktop widgets and monitoring boxes, has tons of user-made layouts available
ATITool monitoring/benchmark/overclocking software for GPUs (yup, even for nvidia ones ^^)
*** Hamachi LAN parties across the net ^^ uses encrypted VPN tunnels
CSpace decentralized
instant messenger, uses TLS encryption and offers file transfers as
well as remote desktop functionality over the VNC protocol
*** FLV Player easy player for viewing those .flv files ripped from video streaming sites Image
*** Notepad++
not just a notepad clone, but a full-fledged editor for pretty much any
web/programming language (and of course a nice replacement for good old
notepad ^^)
Eclipse free development platform, entirely written in java
CD Burner XP CD burning software like Nero


Virtual PC Microsoft's virtualization software
Virtual Box Multi-platform client
VMWare Robust Virtualization software. They charge for some services, but many of the features are now free.


Transmission Mac torrent client
iStatPro Computer stat widget
Adium Mac messaging client
Colloquy Mac IRC client
Eclipse Coding platform
SMC Fan Control Temp regulating app for Macbooks
Textwrangler Like Notepad++ for windows

iPod Tools courtesy of Vertabreaker

Floola - (Windows/Mac/Linux): Floola is a freeware, cross-platform
application that makes it easy to copy music and videos to and from
your iPod from and to any computer. In all, Floola can actually work as
a full-on iTunes replacement that can run from your iPod's hard drive.
And because it's cross platform, Floola makes for an excellent
all-around iTunes replacement if you're not a fan of iTunes. For
another cross-platform solutions, you might give YamiPod a try
Link - - Wiwi - Home

Senuti - (Mac): The freeware, Mac OS X only Senuti integrates tightly
with your iTunes library to extract music from your iPod to your iTunes
library and works particularly well for importing music that isn't
already in your iTunes library. Of course it's also a godsend if you've
had a hard drive failure and your only music backup is your iPod, but
its playlist support and ability to scan your existing library so you
avoid importing duplicate songs
Link - Senuti - Download

iPod -> Folder - (Windows/Mac): If all you want to do is recover
your music library from your iPod back to your computer, iPod ->
Folder is probably the simplest way to do it. Just fire it up, point it
to your iPod, point it to a folder on your computer, and let it rip. It
even has a "Include MP3 files only" option in case you're borrowing
tunes from a friend's iPod and you don't want their DRM-infected files
Link - iPod -> Folder

myPodder - (Windows/Mac/Linux): Whether you're a lover of podcasts who
can't wait to get to your home computer before getting your latest
podcast fix or you just know you'll need a few new podcasts to listen
to for the commute home, myPodder can automatically download, manage,
and sync any podcast to your iPod no matter whose computer you're using.
Link - Podcast Ready

Handbrake - (Windows/Mac/Linux): The cross-platform freeware
application HandBrake is the go-to application when you want to rip a
DVD for your iPod or iPhone (or PSP or PS3 or AppleTV...). Just pop in
your DVD, pick what you want for your iPod, and start ripping.
Link - HandBrake

Videora - (Windows): If you've got a video file on your computer that
your iPod doesn't support, fear not. Just plug it into Videora and let
it do the heavy lifting for you. It even transcodes YouTube videos—all
you need to do is give it the URL.
Link - Videora iPod Converter - Free iPod Video Converter

iSquint - (Mac): Make any video iPod-compatible with iSquint. Just drag
the videos you want to convert into the iSquint queue, choose the
encoding quality (which will also determine file size and time required
to encode), and let it rip. You can even tell iSquint to automatically
add the video to your iTunes library once it's done encoding
Link - Techspansion

iPodifier - (Windows): iPodifier transcodes files just like Videora and
iSquint, but if you're a frequent video downloader or you're rolling
your own DVR, iPodifier can be set to monitor a folder for new
videos—like your BitTorrent downloads folder, for example—and
automatically transcode them for your iPod.
Link - iPodifier Downloads

MP3 to iPod Audio Book Converter - (Windows): If you love a good
audiobook but your book isn't in the right format for your iPod, this
handy little app will convert your MP3s to the iPod audiobook format
(M4B) so you get all of the audiobook features like playback speed
adjustment and "start from last position" functionality without the
tedium of doing it yourself.
Link - MP3 to iPod Audiobook Converter


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Re: List of *Free* Applications and Utilities

Postby Theduke » Sun Sep 30, 2012 8:28 am

wow nice. Alot of helpful programs. Ive been using a website similar to what you've posted here. its called Hirens boot CD. Follow the link to see the available programs. This website was given to me by a computer programer when i was trying to make backups of my systems.

hope this helps too.


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