MODS on the Server

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MODS on the Server

Postby Theduke » Fri Dec 23, 2016 9:49 pm

List of mods on our servers

Antihack and Admin tools by Infistar

Intro Tune
Spawn/class select With 3 levels of Humanity load outs
Welcome Credits with rules
Single Currency with NPC Bankers at each trader. Except Hero and Epic hero
Plot 4 life
Advanced Trading
Snap Building Pro
Vector Building
Fast Building
No overburdened
Self Blood
Base Jumping at the proper altitude
Fast rope from helis
Locked vehicles are in god mode
blood regen

precise building (Building parts don't move after restart)
Plot/door/group management

Trader safezones with anti theft - God mode in safe zones, but you can shoot annoying AI Helis from inside safezones.

plot poles counts building objects ONLY (no more trees and rocks)
Advanced Crafting with Gems

Evac Chopper - Will come pick you up when you call it. Cost 50k to setup.
Locate your vehicle with GPS, works with masterkey also

Hero - 10k Gives you access to hero trader and loadout.
Super Hero - 25k Gives you access to super hero loadout
Epic hero - 50k Gives you access to Epic Hero trader and loadout

Epic Hero Dynamic trader - Different spot each restart - Epic hero has almost the same vehicles as hero. But they have ammo on restart! Hero doesnt! He does have a few new armed vehicles and thermal weapons.

NOS on vehicles - Jerry can and redbull. Walk up to a vehicle and scroll. You will get a "install NOS" option. Once installed, get in the vehicle and again on the scroll wheel you will get a on off option. Not all vehicles work.

Custom Menu with deployables, change view distance, rules and tips n tricks about the server << Hit TAB
Deployables - Bike, ATV and Little Bird
Little surprise with the deploy bike ;)
- Suicide
- Earplugs (can also hit the letter "Y")

Little bird Shac-Tac seats - Shoot while sitting in the side of the little bird!

Crash Loot - Your loot appears on the ground near your blown up vehicle

Service Points Refuel/Rearm/Repair - able to rearm each gun individually, doesn't remove other weapons ammo
Vehicle and Skin Preview - VASP
Custom SUV Skins, able view in VASP - Custom USA, Canada, UK and ESLK skins

Walking Dead zombies - Harder to kill with body shots - Head shots one shot kill
Gain money from killing zombies
Zombie free within plot pole area

Vehicle masterkey
- To claim a map spawn, or mission vehicle, you will need a 10oz gold bar, a keymakers kit and a key (need to bind the vehicle to a key)
- To make a masterkey, you will need a 10oz silver, a keymakers kit and a key. Always use the same key for all your vehicles. Creates a masterkey.

DDOS Heli Guard - If you disconnect accidently, your heli will find a safe place to land. Does not work 100%. Buts its a nice little script.

Animated SUV
Folding MV22/AH1Z/UH1H
Automatically receive coins from killing AIs, no more Check Wallet

Mystery Briefcase for events and in the loot
Weapon modification - Change Accessories on some weapons. Right click on weapon and remove item. Place on another weapon (it will only work with weapons that have variants of with or without the accessories. Example. you cannot place a silencer on a DMR.)

Bury Body +25 Humanity

Virtual Garage - Able to transfer vehicle from Chernarus to Taviana

Plant, grow and smoke weed. Smoke from your inventory or from the hookas. with custom sounds. Inventory will heal you. Hooka makes a funny animation. Beware of the dizziness :)
- 3 zombie parts and 2 bottle of water makes 1 kilo. Takes 15 min to grow. Right click on zombie part to start growing.

WAI mission system, 4 bandit missions at once. Along with 13 new missions, 17 in total
3 Static AI missions - AI Prison - about 20 ais with a few M2s
- AI construction Site - about 20 ais with a few M2s
- Sector C - about 75 Ais, 20 M2s and one Anti-Air. 3 Loot crates, 2 are random over the Island (must activate this static mission)

DZMS missions - Checkered missions
DZAI - Roaming AIs with custom SUV textures and Chem suits for AI foot patrol. Also 2 Helis roaming
6 Side missions (no AIs)

And many fixes and surprises :)

Have fun and play fair!

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