Full Screen NVG Goggles

Here you will find available addons for our Exile server
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Full Screen NVG Goggles

Postby Theduke » Mon Nov 16, 2015 6:45 pm

In order to use the full screen NVG on our server, you need to download this file from Armaholic


Once that file has been downloaded, you need to take the folder named @full_nvg and paste it in your Arma 3 directory.
A good way of finding the directory if you are unsure is by opening the a3launcher, click on settings, and at the top right you will see your path to your arma 3 directory, click "Open mod folder". That will open your Arma 3 directory.

For people not using the a3laucnher, you can do the same with Steam, right lick on your Arma 3 in steam, click properties. Look for a tab at the top called "Local Files". On the tab you will see "browse local files". By clicking that it will bring you into your Arma 3 directory.

After you've placed the folder in your directory, you need to launch the mod separately. Open the Arma 3 launcher, the one made by Arma. (it can be found in the Arma 3 directory, its called arma3launcher.exe. I made shortcut on my desktop)
Click on parameters on the left, then make sure "mods" is selected (with a white box in it). Then to the right you have the 3 little dots, click that to navigate to your mods. Select the exile and full nvg mods. Hit play and search for Elite SLK in the server list.

If anyone is having issues with this you can come join us in TS and we can do our best to help.


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