Chernarus: vehicles missing.

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Chernarus: vehicles missing.

Postby Arrakaz » Fri Sep 15, 2017 11:22 am

I have been logging in within a week. Yet today, 15th September. I find that my BMP-2 is there next to me. But when I get back to Stary Car Park. My other MTV and my HMMWV and my Hind have gone.. I search for them using GPS, gone! I checked for lockboxes, both gone. But I still have my BMP, so that must show I have not been away from server to long...... As I see loads of safes and stuff floating around from de-spawned bases. For my lockboxes to be deleted seems strange.

Any ideas of what happened, if I have been away to long, then why do I still have my BMP-2.

Thanks - Arrakas

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Re: Chernarus: vehicles missing.

Postby Theduke » Fri Sep 15, 2017 3:55 pm

Hi Arrakaz,
Vehicles despawn based on the the last time they were moved or "last updated" in the database. The time is 21 days. So logging in the server will not save your vehicles... they must be moved to update it in the database.

as for floating safes, sheds and lockboxes.. those are player bases, that have decayed, or someone didnt pay their plot. safes should decay with the base, but we dont have that working 100%, so we manually do it from time to time. If a player hasnt logged in for 21 days, we delete the safes as there are no plot poles left (usually signs of a decayed base, as you cant build a safe without a plot). We do this to keep the database with less junk as possible to help the FPS.

so your BMP, if that is the vehicle you've been using thats why it stayed.

If you do plan on being away for a bit again, store them in the virtual garage. that database is separate and is not touched by the cleanup scripts.


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