Something Odd with the SUV_Blue and the SUV_Blue_DZE4.

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Something Odd with the SUV_Blue and the SUV_Blue_DZE4.

Postby Raven » Wed Jul 05, 2017 8:33 pm

So I was zooming towards the hero trader to get some stuff in my hello kitty car (which I love!) when an AI heli fell in behind me and started shooting....I crashed into a wrecked ural and car was almost totaled :cry: ...So I jumped out and hoofed it to klen trader bought a SUV_Blue_DZE4 because one it holds more and two it has more armor and three it goes faster then the lesser SUVs. So I zipp back to my hello kitty and put it on tow and low and behold that AI Heli which followed me to Klen and back (800 m) from hello kitty car to klen...anyways I zip back to Klen to keep from getting blown up and to get a big gun to take out the AI Heli....Once AI Heli goes down I drive the SUV_Blue_DZE4 with hello kitty in tow back to my base (over 10000 m away) anyways server is about to go down and I alrdy had 4 vehicles out so I put the SUV_Blue_DZE4 into the virtual garage so I dont lose it and when server came back up and I go to get the SUV_Blue_DZE4 out of the virtual garage it was not the same infact it some how got reverted to the lesser SUV_Blue that cost 50k and holds less.....I was bluffed :o :shock: ....the SUV_Blue_DZE4 is the American Flag that looks like its been through mud....I loved it as soon as I seen it because I am a country girl ;) . But some where between the virtual garage and reset it went to a shiny blue SUV. I dont know if it is an error in the coding but I am afraid to put my SUV_Blue_DZE4 into the virtual garage for fear it may convert to the lesser SUV_Blue version again. :?

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Re: Something Odd with the SUV_Blue and the SUV_Blue_DZE4.

Postby Theduke » Wed Jul 05, 2017 9:04 pm

Fear not. The virtual garage, when it respawns the vehicle it doesnt apply the skin... a minor thing i need to add.. its cosmetic so im not rushing to it lol.

When the server restarts, it will reapply the skin. It should still be the same class name with or without the skin. :)

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