ESLK Man's Server

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ESLK Man's Server

Postby Payden » Wed Aug 02, 2017 3:50 pm

I drive just about 50 miles to get to my favorite pub, a little place called the Bull and Bush. The B&B features an extra-hoppy 11% beer called The Man's Beer - not for the faint of heart.

The current set of ESLK servers are great, but other than the map, they're identical and nobody is going to call them overly-challenging. That's fine, players like being able to make money in a hurry, build bases all over the map, buy nice vehicles and snipe unsuspecting bandits from 1200M+ with little concern that you may get taken out by a zombie or roaming scientist.

What I'm proposing is a change of pace for the next server that moves just a little back to our DayZ roots - survival!

Concerns and possible remedies:
- Too easy to get a fast start with the virtual garage / remove them or disconnect them from the other servers
- Too easy to make money / cut all resale values by 50%
- Too easy to snipe missions from extreme distance / remove any rifle that zeros over 800M
- Zombie threat is non-existent / change to fast zombies
- Can sit in my recliner at 60M AGL and snipe missions with little danger / limit base height to 30M, plot pole must be on the ground
- Can move between bases as missions pop up / limit players to a single base, single plot pole
- I know the current maps like the back of my hand / new map (Namalsk or Panthera)
- Guns, guns and more guns / remove some of the gun groups that nobody really uses (e.g., ACRs, HK416s, CTARs, G3s)

Lingor Island is withering on the vine, when it comes time to replace it, how about not only a new map, but a new, more challenging server because they can take our lives but they will never take our freedom!

OK, maybe that's over the top but what other challenges do we need to introduce? Eliminate the high-dollar vehicles? Force everyone to build their bases out of straw? Pistol-only server? Everyone in a loin cloth?

Who's with me?!?


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Re: ESLK Man's Server

Postby Arrakaz » Thu Aug 03, 2017 4:29 am


I have mixed feelings on this, I like the server Chernarus as it is, although I only used a HK417 sniper sd, which becomes difficult from long range to hit. I do carry a light machine gun for any pesky heli's and a silenced hand gun. So the excess weapons being reduced are not an issue for me.

Lingor as you know I have moved across using the virtual garage system, as I just kept being killed by ai, before I could get anywhere. I am surprised that you say that all servers are the same but for the map, as Lingor just keeps killing me, and that's just the roaming ai. Maybe the map is more on their side.

But a new map, with normal zeds, a step back into Dayz days, is not a bad idea. I have spent time dropping into different servers looking for such. I even survive the fast zeds now. But I would not like to lose our Chernarus, as it is a good mix for me to cope with. I don't function that well with health issues and still get my ass handed to me often here and not because of some complex mission. As a none base builder, I don't have problems with bases being of a set height, reducing weapons that reduce risk is not the end of the world. I do remember our zeds being a one punch kill for us, which was harsh, yet we did let a slow zed get close to us. Some servers using slow zeds, have them focus in on you more, closing in, slow but still dangerous when they trap you in.

But I do like the idea of a server that provides something of the original Dayz, On these servers I look for a silenced pistol first to deal with zeds when I can't shake them off. A good sniper, not necessary all singing dancing one, just good sights, a fair size back pack. Then just keep searching for food and stuff, a tent working wheels and my whole game is that; Survive as long as I can...... Maybe traders with just basic survival gear, maybe with a little better gear then lying around and a source of food and meds, oh and lets not leave out the good old lockbox. But Yes, lets have both, a Challenging good old Dayz and what we have now with a few adjustments.

Arrakaz (Racca when I forget to switch name back)

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