Application for acceptance as a community member.

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Application for acceptance as a community member.

Postby Borris Yeltsin » Wed Apr 19, 2017 11:29 pm

Hello, I am Borris Yeltsin. I would like to give you a brief introduction before I get into the application proper. I have been a member of this community for around a year and a half now, and I have had quite a lot of fun during this time. Prior to my return, I had logged just around eighty hours in-game, and quite a few weeks of consecutive connected days. I had made my acquaintance with quite a few of the members and staff on the server, even though I was a bit awkward to talk to. Things have since changed, and I am the charismatic and handsome man that every girl now wishes to sleep with. Heh, yeah. Anyhow, I have always been rather fond of this server and those of you I have had the pleasure of spending time with will know my dry and often sarcastic sense of humor too well to believe I am THAT full of myself. Without further ado, I have created a bit of a question-based format to which I will answer and demonstrate my usefulness as a community member. Viewer discretion is advised.

In-game + TeamSpeak name: Borris Yeltsin

Age: 20

Time in server (In hours): Just over 100 hours (Rounded, as the previous server's stats are gone and this is approx. my time in total)

How active a guest of the community are you? On what days do you find yourself connected to our sever(s)?: I am on and can be seen playing on any particular day Sunday-Saturday, very often on the Chernarus server, or in one of the other game lounges in the TeamSpeak3 server.

Time as part of the community: Just over a year and a half.

Have you been previously banned from this community, or faced serious administrative intervention?: No, I have not.

Do you have any references for your application for membership within the Elite SLK community?: I have none I wish to declare, I refuse to ride the coattails of my predecessors.

Summarize in one hundred words or more what makes you a potential asset to the Elite SLK community, please be descript: I know that I am an asset to this community for a myriad of reasons, but allow me to start with the first: I am dependable. I keep to my word and can be relied upon to uphold the standards that are set for me. This is a proven fact, shown by the preponderance of the evidence of my behavior and friendly demeanor to people of all walks of life. I am loyal. I have stuck with this server through thick and thin, and have even brought a few of my friends into the fray. Working to ensure that the server's population were up-to-date on how to connect when 1.51 was no longer supported was one of my top priorities, and I would (and continue to) answer questions about the server from both newbies and grizzled veterans alike. I am responsible. I take ownership of the responsibilities placed upon my head, and always strive to be culpable for my actions whenever that sort of situations arises. I treat others fairly and amicably. I will never treat others with an unkind or unfair demeanor. I know that just because I am treated in a hostile fashion, I do not have the right to retaliate or attempt to make that person upset in turn. I often attempt to use neutral or non-combative language to defuse a situation, but I also know when there is merit to remaining silent and allowing a person to work their anger out alone. I understand that sometimes individuals have problems in their lives, and they do not need me to add on to them. I also know that a friendly gesture now and then goes a long way to keeping the peace in a community as large as this. It is for these reasons and countless others that I believe I am an asset to this community.

Why should you be selected to become a member of the Elite SLK community over someone else? Please explain in no less then 50 words: I am a better fit then anyone because of my loyalty and longevity. I have stuck around through thick and thin, and have been doing so for quite a while. While I may not be the pillar on which this community stands, I form a solid partition of the base on which the pillar rests. I have spent time, effort, and even money on this server to keep it afloat, and because I truly believe in this community and the people in it. I dedicate my time whenever possible to being on this community, and remaining an active member of it. I lend my knowledge and experience both on the server and in life to attempt to make for a friendly and inviting atmosphere for all persons interested in this wonderful community. I also refuse to have someone's word lent towards my side, insisting that my application be judged on its (and by extension, my) merits alone. I have a firm sense of integrity, and believe that I should pass or fail based on my own actions and deeds. I believe this makes me well qualified to join the ranks of the ELSK community, and makes me an excellent choice ahead of less qualified and/or less enthusiastic potential applicants.

Why are you interested in becoming a member of the Elite SLK community?: I am interested because I see it as a community I want to have an official and declared stake in. I have put into this community everything anyone else has been willing to, all but in actual name. I see joining the Elite SLK community as a goal I have had for some time as I find the community to be one of great support and stable standing. While I understand that several of my predecessors have done the same, and potentially put in more official work on the server's behalf, let it be known before all who stand that I have always promised my support, from the day I joined up unto this point in history. I see no greater purpose then to join the ranks of these kindred folk, so that I may work more directly towards keeping the best DayZ servers the mod has seen up and running with a clean bill of health.

Thank you for reading through my application, it took some time to write as I had to come up with a format and a few solid answers to questions I would ask of members who would be interested in joining my own community, if I were the host. I hope this has afforded you a fair and accurate assessment of my personal character, and I look forward to seeing you all on the road ahead!


~Borris Yeltsin.

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