New Epoch Release

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New Epoch Release

Postby Theduke » Wed Dec 27, 2017 5:13 pm

Hey Community,

The new Epoch 1062 was just released today. We're working on updating the servers.

We will let you know when we plan to merge to the new update. Till then we will still be using the 1061 version.

You will not be able to get on the servers if you did the update of the mod in DayzLauncher.

There is no rollback option either for it.

In order to get on, you need to download the 1061 version again, and replace it with the new one. ... PRcR_rl_r3

Open DayzLauncher and click on "settings" at the top right.
Click open mod folder

Delete the @dayz_epoch folder there and replace it with the one in the above link.

Then look for our servers again in the list and connect to them

Remember, do not update the epoch mod again till we update our servers..

If you have a hard time you can come visit us in TS


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