Server Updates/fixes

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Server Updates/fixes

Postby Theduke » Sun May 28, 2017 6:18 pm

Hey community,
so we've been spending lots of time trying to fix bugs from us updating to epoch1061 in a hurry. The mission files has been cleaned up. About 250kb of duplicate files and such has been removed.

Many fixes, new content and changes. Both servers got pretty much the same update, but some had unique updates. Check the updates bellow.

Both Servers:

- Fixed Server taking forever to start. Server_monitor.sqf was looping for vehicles (for each Vehicle) Also caused bad server FPS.
- Fixed custom_builds.sqf. Updated lots of stuff
- Fixed a gem crafting RPT issue. Removed a old 1051 variable
- Fixed bombcrate not clearing the marker. Thx to payden
- Fixed classname for skin in supply items event mission
- Fixed Cut hemp Cleint RPT error
- Fixed fn_selfactions.sqf. Was outdated. This file controls many of the actions ingame. This should help eliminate lots of client RPT spam, if not all.
- Fixed all pack script to look for damage on deployables
- Fixed all pack and deploy script to check for player in combat
- Fixed custom slow zombies causing massive client RPT spam
- Fixed mystery briefcase, had old variables
- Fixed Ikea missions, had bad classname for full cinder walls. Enjoy the new ikeas :)
- Fixed all event missions, now marker changes automatically when players enter to let others know its been looted.

- Added Fast craft script (hit TAB)
- Added new Sanford and Son trader - been testing for couple weeks seems great so far

- Changed the vehicle trader cleanup script to much cleaner script. Does the same thing (our junkyard)
- Changed the coins given based on humanity when killing zeds - survivor 50 coins, hero 100 coins and epic hero 250 coins

Cherno ONLY:

- Fixed Hangar throwing error on startup
- Changed the markers to fix some RPT spam

- Added bank objects from old server. Bankers arnt just standing there alone lol

Lingor ONLY:
Nothing unique here!

Hope you guys enjoy the update, lets hope it helps the server FPS a bit lol (never a bad thing)

PS Payden has done alot in this update as well. Thank him when you see him :)


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