Updates on the servers

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Updates on the servers

Postby Theduke » Thu Feb 23, 2017 9:54 pm

Both servers received updates yesterday.

The cleanup scripts have been fixed properly. Everything will decay as it should. 14 days is maintenance. (sandbags, nets, safes, other things were not part of base maintenance, now they are)
This will help with server performance, as some bases never fully decayed...

I added 9 helis to epic hero trader. We added a script to remove the rockets from those helis. When you access those helis, the script forces you in manual fire mode. This is to prevent players from using the rockets. It is not a glitch, its is intentional and the only workaround.

we added these helis - AH1Z, AH64 2 versions, wildcat, ka52 2 versions, little bird with gunner, mi24 and the mi17 RU.

We also updated the rules on the TAB menu, make sure to read them.

Hope you guys enjoy the new toys.


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